Express It Forward—the HOW Conversation (3minVids on Creative Thinking)

Join Ula Einstein (Visual Artist & Creativity Mentor) and myself, as we get to ” the HOW Conversation” in the latest episode of her video series Express It Forward.

In the last video we discuss the nature of intention, and setting your intention, along with the why and how. Essentially we cover the HOW of putting your intention into action!

I’ll say this, and then you should just watch the video. The mind is very powerful, and if left to its own devices can cause a lot of chaos. Did you catch that? The mind isn’t just one hunk of thinking mass.

You have what is called a self-aware choosing mechanism, that many other sentient creatures do not have.

You can choose what thoughts you focus on. You can create the thoughts to focus on. And in the HOW of following through with Intention, you are constantly coming back to what you have already recognized as a path of potential. Over and again, despite what came of your day before or not at all… you come back to your Intention in words, and as we discussed previously—in Visuals.

Like chiropractic alignment, you snap back to your Highest Intention. At first, you will probably extol a high degree of effort, but eventually you will cultivate more permanence of intention. More than just positive thinking, you will have trained your thought process. You will have re-routed its direction to a pattern that is generative.

I hope you enjoy the “The HOW Conversation.” And if you’re curious enough try out what we are suggesting. Please let me know what thoughts around this approach arise for you.

I wish you every bit of success in your endeavors, together we can do this! —Douglas Everett Turner

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Express It Forward—Intention Part 2; Visualization & Action

Express It Forward offers up 3 minute video clips investigating Creative Practice—its all about the process!

When the mind is doing its excess chatter, it’s the visual that will be so appealing.  The mind works in mysterious ways… play with it!

In Part 1 of Intention Ula Einstein and I dialogued about setting the Intention.  In Part 2 we talk about ways to hold the Intention.  Visualization & Action!  A visual board (we show you ours) is a way of bringing you back to zero; fresh, and your intention re-energized! Leave a comment: How do you “visualize” your Intention or what might that look like for you in practice?

— Agent of Disruption!

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Express It Forward—Intention Part 1; Deciding & Defining (3minVid on Creative Process)

Express It Forward offers up 3 minute video clips investigating Creative Practice… its all about the process!

Make a statement, take a stand, and then let’s see where it goes!

There is a big commitment with an Intention.  But don’t let that deter you, in fact, don’t sweat the how just because you’ve stated the What.  Intention is a defining moment, true… and it is also a continual process.  Leave a comment: What has been your relationship to Intention?

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Change and Why We Might Fear It

The drive towards perfection has permeated our relationship to the experience of life.  Have we forgotten, or ever really known, that all of this is only true upon mutual agreement?  As the creator you are free to introduce any element to the story, and all of your creations are subject to judgement.  Yet fear of judgement is no reason to halt or slow the process—it is the nature of this stage of manifestation’s perspective.

We fear change because of its unknown qualities.  Because in our familiarity with today we face a loss

Time Waits For No One

of navigation, if we change the status quo for tomorrow.  As a society we have grown comfortable with a way of knowing life, and the kind of changes we need to make will require us to let most of that go and simply be with the uncertainty… the imperfection of learning to walk again.

With authentic truth and judgement there is pure uncertainty.  Even at the very edges of the explosion that is continually giving birth to life, there exists no glance of future, only imagination.  The explosion is the birth of time, and all else that follows.  The only moment, for sure, is happening right now. Perfection is Nirvana. Yet if life is never-ending, Nirvana is limited only to our relationship to life—but life itself will always be imperfect. Embrace this, and embrace change.

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What About Process?

Last night  at the restaurant, I heard from a gentlemen whose manuscript had just been rejected for the sixth time.  I pat him on the shoulder and jovially said to him, “Oh, you mean you’re six times closer to it getting accepted?”  His eyes immediately lit up, and a big grin came across his face.  I reminded him of some kind of truth.  I suggested he have the intention to continually shift his perspective to the process.

Process by

We are a culture, focused on the outcome.  So many great accomplishments have we, it becomes hard not to always have such a perspective.  Technology, medicine, even fashion—we are rich with materialities.  If we want something, we can press a button and have it shipped to our door by the next day.  If we want to become something, we can go to the internet and search for others who have already become that.  We can go and find their accomplished works, and ingenuity. We see what they have created—the finished product.

Yet how many times have we also heard the story of the published writer, whose manuscripts rejected countless times before succeeding at publishing.  Or, the scientist who makes a great new discovery… we focus on the discovery, and not the fact that it may have taken her a decade to produce the proof that merely validates reason to further study?

Take a look at the Process Perspective, it will expand your outlook, appreciation, and tenacity!

*Art work by Leah Shea.  a 20×20 poster titled  SOSO MUCH.  Visit LeahShea.Com

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REWIND: Intro to Express It Forward (3 min vids on Creative Practice)

When Ula Einstein and I began Shoot, Show, and Share for Express It Forward we knew what our intentions were, however, not what they would look like 100% in action.  It is our engagement with creativity in the raw.  I would say an important tenet of creativity is to always keep in mind that it is a messy process, it is supposed to be that way—it can be no other way.   Creativity requires trust, and a willingness to experiment.  We jumped right in to investigating the relationship with our (as in all of us) creative license; the things that we need to nurture, roadblocks to creativity, and habits to look out for.  All with the intention of  ‘getting out there’ with a fresh relationship to our creative processes.  Express It Forward is about creativity-in-motion—not just the talk, but the doing.   Now with three shoots under our belts, we thought it necessary to rewind and touch on the Who/What/Where/and Why of Express It Forward.

(as always Join the conversation! …find us on facebook:

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Cultural Navigation Disrupted; BigThink on Tips for Innovators

Three Tips for Innovators: Move Nimbly, Open Wisely and Fail Gracefully | Input/Output | Big Think

Whenever we travel some place new we take a map.  Vaitheeswaran essentially says we’re entering in to a time of global disruption.  What is being disrupted?  Read the article, and you’ll see why I suggest that it is our  “Cultural Navigation System” that is being disrupted. The most innovative times in cultures across the globe, has been in response to a need and desire.  What gave rise to innovation, is also what thrusts us in to some place new, disrupting our learned way of navigating our entrepreneurial creativity.   Vijay gives us three points to follow: 1) Move Nimbly 2) Open Wisely 3) Fail Gracefully.  Being innovative requires taking risks.  The first risk is doing something you’ve never done before—traveling unchartered territory.  These 3 points I see as practical guide posts on a map.

Vijay Vaitheeswaran surveys the landscape of the global economy and sees “wicked problems,”… And yet, Vaitheeswaran is an optimist. He argues you can find “enormous opportunities for profit–you must move nimbly, open wisely and fail gracefully.”

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Work in Progress—Reading Series April 22nd

Spring is here and as always it’s an inspiring time to be alive… to live, write, read, and listen!  Sunday April 22nd, at 7 o’clock will be WiP’s 3rd installment.  Details are listed below for submission instructions.  Spread the word…

Here comes spring, in comes summer… where are you in your writing process?
Join WiP this sunday as these writer’s share their works in process with the world.

Noelle V. Dor—is an explorer of life and the literary arts. She writes, reads, blogs, edits, dabbles in graphic design, and facilitates conversations that illuminate personal truth. She aims to one day build a healing book garden (public library + reading room).

Mikhail Voloshin—is a software engineer in Google’s advertising division, so all those banner ads that pop up all over the web while you’re trying to browse for story ideas are partly his fault. He grew up in Chicago, spent the dot-com boom living in Seattle, and has been in New York since 2008. He has no formal writing experience, but believes that a well-written story, like well-designed software or a well-crafted machine, is a matter of artistry and engineering.

Brady Evan Walker is a Louisiana native. He writes stories, screenplays, songs and all manner of word-related errata. He is currently at work on a novel; he blogs at and .

**WiP is gaining some structure as it moves along… I think it’s a great pairing to finish the night off with a writer reading from her/his published work, I believe this demonstrates trajectory.**

This month we have:

Nick Bryant’s—writing has recurrently focused on the plight of disadvantaged children in the United States, and he’s been published in numerous national journals, including the Journal of Professional Ethics, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Journal of Social Distress and Homelessness, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, and Journal of School Health. He is the co-author of America’s Children: Triumph of Tragedy, addressing the medical and developmental problems of lower socioeconomic children in America.


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Express it Forward–Perfectionism (a tiny little box) [3 min Vlog]

Express it Forward is the brainchild of Visual Artist Ula Einstein.  The Vlog is co-hosted by myself, Douglas Turner.  We publish 3 minute vlogs; dialogues on keeping Creativity in Motion.  Something slowing your creative process down? Chances are Ula and I have or will address it in our powerful 3 minute talks!

In our latest vlog, Ula and I discuss perfectionism!  Perfectionism is not a standard.  Did you know that?  Perfectionism is a tiny neat little box, where not much happens.  Albert Einstein thought it mad to expect new results for a problem, when you’re using the same mind that created the problem in the first place.  Perhaps if you are creating for the status-quo, perfectionism might work… a tiny box is just fine.  But what if you are trying to go some place new?  New is unknown, and you’ll never get there waiting for perfection. A leader, a visionary; someone daring to go beyond the status quo, has to be willing to make mistakes!  Are you that person?

Latest Comments on YouTube:

“I enjoyed both the light touch and important message about creative flow in this short video from Ula and Douglas. Nicely done!” R. Lobe

“Every person can benefit from pondering on and acting on this. I’m going to show this video to the high school students I teach art to today. I’d like to learn from their comments.” G. Rabinowitz

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Express it Forward—Stop Holding Your Breath (3 min Video)…Cultivating Creativity

That’s right Ula and I are at it again!  Give a person an iPad, and a desktop loaded with iMovie, and they think they’re the head of their own production studio.  With their name spelled backwards, it’s off to change the world.  Perhaps we may not change the world, but a few minds would be nice.  This second video is “Stop Holding Your Breath.”  

What are you waiting for?  There could be any number of reasons we wait excessively to move on something.  I think what’s really important is that we recognize when we “breakdown”; holding our breath, so that is what Ula and I discuss in this episode of      Express it Forward.

If as they say, life is filled with unexpected twists and turns, is true—then we had better get ourselves equipped for the dawn of a new era.  When we are holding our breath, we are simply lacking confidence in our next move.  And, who could blame the person who just lost their job, of supposed security, and can’t seem to get back on track with things.  In this episode we only touch the surface.  However, what Ula could be suggesting is the need to understand our desires, and fears on a deeper level.  How deep?  That is up to you.  But this is a process, like all things.  You haven’t stopped moving, and evolving, neither are you participating in that process fully.  It’s like driving on a highway, without touching the steering wheel.  

What it means to Stop Holding Your Breath might be to pull over, look at your hands, or to have a co-pilot take the wheel.  The highway is still serving it’s purpose, but you are taking a pit stop, and also monitoring yourself.  You are taking the time to step back and get perspective.  If you can be o.k. with the fact that fear keeps you from it, you can then begin to breath because you begin to take steps which you now can readily identify as the opposite of fear.  The steering wheel isn’t so hot from the sun after all, and you didn’t cause the car to spin out of control either.  Relax, breath.  Stop Holding Your Breath.


Express it Forward on YouTube

Ula Einstein’s “Daily Stimulator”

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